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Footy News 365 was founded in April 2015 by two avid football fans with different but complementing skills. Their passion and love for the beautiful game of football led them to join forces to create Footy News 365.

Footy News 365 does not want to be like other football news sites, just a source of news. At Footy News 365 we want to build a community of same minded individuals that share and discuss their passion with others. We want users to enjoy our content but we also want them to participate by either leaving comments or sharing their thoughts. All this is our reflected in our vision statement.

Our vision is to grow a global community around the world of football. We believe that football connects individuals from various backgrounds, that have different views. We want to be the platform that connects all these individuals together.

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David Nugent – Editor-in-chief

David is a passion football supporter, who has been writing about the beautiful game for the past nine years. The 32-year-old UK-based writer specialises in the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, although he does maintain a healthy interest in the German Bundesliga, French Ligue One, Dutch Eredivisie and US MLS.

During his time as a football writer he has contributed work to numerous sports websites and has also been published in international soccer magazines.
He loves nothing better than a discussion on football and wiles away hours discussing football with friends, family and the regular readers of his daily online work.

Seth Barkett – News writer

Seth Barkett is an American sports fanatic who loves the game of soccer. Seth lives in the Los Angeles area and diligently follows Major League Soccer and the United States National team. As an advocate for the progress of soccer/football in the States, Seth supports and is involved with the sport from professional levels to club development. He is dedicated to following the success of U.S. teams on the world-stage.

Matthew Simiana – News writer

Matthew is a keen football fan with the Italian Serie A being his preferred league. That said, Matthew follows most European competitions together with national competitions in other continents. Matthew has contributed to various web based football sites since 2010. Apart from reporting on the latest football news he also enjoys sharing his opinion with fellow football fans.