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The soccer world looks to New York

New York Red Bulls and New York City FC clashed for the first time on Sunday, as the Red Bulls prevailed 2-1
New York Red Bulls and New York City FC clashed for the first time on Sunday, as the Red Bulls prevailed 2-1

“I go to Paris, I go to London, I go to Rome,  And I always say, “There’s no place like New York. It’s the most exciting city in the world. That’s the way it is. That’s it.”  `Robert De Niro

There was a much ‘ado’ about what the City of New York was going to call their new rivalry game between the two New York Teams the Red Bulls and expansion NYCFC “City”.

Will the battle for Gotham going to be known as The Subway Derby, The Freedom Derby, or maybe The New York Derby?   Time will tell…

Judging by the crowd and the electric energy, the city was pumped for this inaugural battle between the two New York competitors.

The rivalry is not yet the Yankees vs Mets, but give it time, the lines were clearly drawn and a packed Red Bulls area seemed almost split down the middle.

Bradley Wright-Phillips

It would be a Brit that would be the first to carve his name into the history books of this new American tradition.  Bradley Wright-Phillips, former Manchester City and Southampton striker once convicted of robbery, stole the show.

In the 4th minute Bradley was on the scoring end of a Lloyd Sam cross. The 30-year-old, British-born, Bradley Wright-Phillips became the first player to score in this inaugural Big Apple Derby… Or whatever it’s called.

However, things got more tense than a New York City taxi driver at rush hour when Red Bull, Matt Miazga, was shown a second yellow card after a reckless challenge.

The foul would leave the elder of the two New York teams short handed with most of the game having yet to be played.

Then, in the 52nd minute it was once again number 99 Wright-Phillips in the right place at the right time.  On a three-man break away Phillips patiently waited for the play to develop, before once again finding a helpless goalkeeper and scoring the second goal of the game.

The goal made Phillips the 5th leading scorer in MetroStarts/Red Bulls history.  Wright-Phillips has really come into his own and has become a real star in the MLS.  Last year he tied the MLS single season scoring record with 27 goals.

Red Bull fans were once again cozier than a New York City street dog nestled in a warm white bun (never put ketchup on a New York street dog) but it wasn’t time to celebrate yet!  In the 76th minute, the Red Bulls found themselves only up by one with 14 minutes and change left to play.

Some 19 minutes and four yellow cards later the Red Bulls were able to hang on and claim the first ever New York Derby victory… Or is it the Big Apple Derby? Ahh F*@# it!!

Frank Lamperd should help to close the gap between the two teams next year.  Rumour is he’s renting Robert De Niros’s Manhattan apartment.  Hopefully the City grows on Frank like it did Bobby.

What should the New York derby be called?


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