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‘Boring’ Chelsea set to clinch Premier League title

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho's tactics have been criticised at times this season
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho’s tactics have been criticised at times this season

As we all know Chelsea are just one win away from clinching the Premier League title this season.

They can now win the title with a victory over Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge in the early kick-off on Sunday.

However, the team from south west London have been heavily criticised for their style of play and cautious approach.

This criticism in my eyes is completely ridiculous. There are many ways to win a game of football and Chelsea’s sometimes pragmatic tactics are just one of them.

The Blues do not ‘park the bus’ in every game, but some games the bus comes in as a handy tactical tool.

A lot of successful teams have won titles by playing more defensively away from home against their nearest rivals, it is not rocket science to play less attacking football against the better teams in the league, and it is good logic.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has achieved major success in football by being able to adapt his tactics for certain games. He is one of the best tacticians football has ever seen and will go down in history as one of the best managers ever.

It would be hard to say that the Blues ‘parked the bus’ in the second half against Leicester, just like it would be hard to say they employed similar tactics earlier in the season when they were playing good, attractive and effective football.

Chelsea have been head and shoulders above their rivals this season and deserve to win the Premier League title.

Whether their brand of football is criticised or not they are quite simply the best team in the Premier League.

Do you consider Chelsea’s brand of football boring?


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