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Two year suspension for Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey will serve a two-year US Open suspension following his red card against the Portland Timbers
Clint Dempsey will serve a two-year US Open suspension following his red card against the Portland Timbers

On Thursday the U.S Open Cup disciplinary panel banned Clint Dempsey from participating in the U.S. Open tournament for the greater of 6 games or 2 years, after the forward tore up a referee’s notebook.

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This ruling comes a few days after Major League Soccer handed Clint its own 3 game suspension for the same offence. The only good news is, it doesn’t look like Clint will miss any U.S. National team games.

Clint did not appeal the decision and later apologized to the U.S Open Cup via twitter.

The incident occurred June 16th, during Seattle’s fourth-round US Open Cup match against their rival Portland Timbers, a game the Sounders would go on to lose 3-1.

The U.S. national and Sounders captain was given a red card by referee Daniel Radford, after Clint snatched his notebook and ripped it up right there on the pitch, then on his way off the field clapped sarcastically in a referee’s assistants face.

Clint was reacting to Radford’s the dismissal of Sounders teammates, Brad Evens (two yellow cards) and Michael Azia (straight red) earlier in the match. To add injury to insult, Obafemi Martins also left the match due to injury, leaving Seattle to finish the game with only 7 players.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

The Seattle Sounds are currently in 1st place topping the MLS Western Conference, but breathing down their necks are the reigning Champions, LA Galaxy.

After a slow start and multiple injuries, the Galaxy look to be finally coming into form. On Wednesday night the Galaxy beat Portland Timbers 5-0, a game in which five different Galaxy players scored.

Sunnier days on the way!

More good news for the Galaxy… Just today Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard Instagram’d a picture of him and his hot wife on their way to the airport to catch a flight Los Angeles. Bring your sun-block Dude, its sunny an average of 285 days a year in Los Angeles.

Will the Galaxy rally and win their 6th MLS Cup?


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